A Baby is Born

Another Miracle Clothed in Flesh

In a recent article in the Federalist, Daniel Payne commented on witnessing the birth of his son.  He had seen the ultrasound, thoroughly grasped the biology, and been by his wife’s side through labor, but he was not prepared for what he saw.  “The one second there was nothing in my wife’s arms, the next here was a baby boy, pink and healthy and beautiful and priceless.  For one of the few times in my life I was rendered speechless, and properly so.  What do you say, after all, when you witness a miracle.”  Payne is amazed that simple nutrients, enzymes, lipids and nucleic acids can produce a baby boy.  “A few months ago I packed my wife an egg salad sandwich for lunch, and her body used that egg salad to help create our beautiful baby boy.  What is a miracle, if not that?”  Caring Network counselors shine light into dark places, helping women understand that what they have inside of them is not just a clump of cells, but another miracle clothed in flesh.  Caring Network’s medical team helps a woman visualize her child, seeing a heartbeat and watching her little miracle move and dance.  No woman who chose to carry her pregnancy has ever come back to say what a mistake it was.  However, many women who chose abortion have expressed their regrets.  Life is a miracle designed by God.  Let us treasure this great gift.