A Vision of Life!

For almost 35 years Caring Network has brought hope to the vulnerable pregnant women in our community that need help.  Throughout the years new programs have been developed to meet the needs of women. Ultrasound is one of them.  Ultrasound technology has been around for many years and it continues to reveal more and more of the development of the unborn child.  Caring Network began its ultrasound program in 2002 through one machine located at one office with volunteer doctors managing the program.  Today it has grown with the addition of more ultrasound machines at all of Caring Network’s locations and a full time nurse manager that oversees the program.  Ultrasound is very effective with a majority of women who are in danger of choosing abortion, choosing life when seeing an ultrasound.  For the most vulnerable of Caring Network’s clients, an ultrasound is the best way Caring Network counselors can begin a conversation that will change her heart and save the life of her baby.  As ultrasound technology continues to advance, revealing the details of human development at a very young age, more lives will be saved.