Actions Speak Louder

The Traditionalism of Many Progressives

It has been reported that Millennials are very socially progressive. According to a 2017 Pew Research survey, most Millennials support liberal views on abortion, sex, the death penalty and other issues. However their personal actions indicate a desire for other traditional paradigms. At Brown University, 75% of students said they wanted to be in a committed, monogamous relationship. Only 12% of Brown students were regularly hooking up with more than one partner. The same was true at Stanford, where 86% of students wanted to be in a committed relationship. Among affluent Americans, marriage is still desired. College-educated women and men marry at traditional rates, and divorce at half the rate of people without a degree. The most elite circles of American life are the most critical of traditional living; yet they are some of the most traditional in their own life choices. Affluent women have resources that help them make good life choices. But many women need help because of lack of support from family or significant others. Caring Network is here to help them with emotional support and solutions to real life problems. All women deserve an opportunity to experience God’s plan for a flourishing life. Caring Network exists to help women and their families do just that.