Adele and Motherhood

The international singing sensation, Adele, recently became a mother and promptly put herself at odds with the feminist movement that believes that women cannot achieve their goals without abortion. Adele stated in a recent issue of Vogue magazine that her son “makes me very proud of myself.  When I became a parent, I felt like I was truly living.  I had a purpose, where before I didn’t.”  Elissa Strauss of Slate magazine immediately pushed back.  “This is a bold, potentially controversial, statement for a celebrity mom. . . . This type of sentiment has backfired for female celebrities before.  When Natalie Portman dared to suggest that motherhood might be ‘the most important role of (her) life’ in her 2011 Oscar acceptance speech, she received a lot of pushback. . . .  There’s been similar resistance to calling motherhood ‘the most important job in the world.”  Although some have been demeaning motherhood as an important profession for many years, women still recognize the critical role of mothering the next generation.  Women coming to Caring Network face difficult decisions on their pregnancy. 

The pro-abortion feminist movement tells them they can not go on with their lives and be a mother as well.  They must choose – their life or that of their child.  At Caring Network, we work with women to enable them to choose both – their life and that of their child’s.