A Ministry of Excellence, part 3

Ultrasound services are routinely being provided by pregnancy counseling centers. Caring Network offers them at all four counseling locations in DuPage County. Do you know the difference between 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound? 2D is two dimensional, 3D-three dimensional and 4D is a 3D video. Caring Network offers state of the art technology as part of our ultrasound pregnancy services. Our medical staff typically sends a woman home with a picture of her baby from the ultrasound. Ultrasound lets women know they are really pregnant! I welcome your comments, questions and feedback. Let us hear from you!

Warmly . . . . . Barbara

A Ministry of Excellence, part 2

Caring Network is committed to offering women the highest level of unplanned pregnancy services. Caring Network’s Personal Resource Counselor, Julie, was brought on board to help women with specialized family and relational issues including how to tell parents about an unplanned pregnancy. Fear of telling parents is a primary motivator for ending a pregnancy. Serving women and their families well is all part of being a ministry of excellence. I welcome your comments, questions and feedback. I would like to hear from you.

Warmly……. Barbara

A Ministry of Excellence – What Is It?

The staff at Caring Network operates under five corBarbe ministry values dealing with a wide range of issues. From acknowledging that Caring Network is God’s ministry and we depend on Him for everything to the realization and acceptance that everything we do is for God’s glory and thus we strive to be a ministry of excellence. What does it mean to be a “ministry of excellence?” A couple of things.

  • We measure everything. Statistics are kept on pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, how many women are target clients and pregnant. How many of those women had ultrasounds. How many life choices were made?
  • When you measure you are outcome based. Are you producing the desired results? Are we true to our mission?
  • We look to the future. What are trends in advertising, social media, and the internet that we should be looking at? What cultural shifts are impacting the women who come to us? How can we serve them better and increase choices for life?
  • We are committed. We are called to serve God, right now, in everything we do, in every Caring Network counseling room, office or school classroom. When you understand that God is being served by your actions, you want to serve God with “your very best.”

You can help us by giving us feedback on how you see Caring Network in our community and the work that we do. I welcome your comments, questions and feedback. I would like to hear from you.

Warmly . . . . . Barbara