Caring Network – Needed Now More Than Ever!

Caring Network celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.  This ministry that began as a telephone line in a mechanic’s garage has grown to be a vibrant ministry that meets vulnerable pregnant women in four separate locations in DuPage County. Unfortunately, our county has witnessed the growth of the abortion industry within our borders.  Currently we have four abortion clinics with the largest being the Planned Parenthood mega center in east Aurora.   Abortion has been a part of the American culture since 1973 and to many young women it is an acceptable solution to the problem of an unplanned pregnancy.  Studies show that 98% of women who visit an abortion center first, will choose to abort.  Why?  Because they are given no other choice!  It is so important that Caring Network reach them first.  Caring Network exists to offer these women hope and a different choice.  A choice for life that they can live with.  What women need is not abortion, but compassion, love, support and solutions to real problems.  They can find all of these at a Caring Network center.