Restore – A Path to Faith

Restore, Caring Network’s healing program for women and men who have experienced abortions, is restoring hope and changing lives.  Many people have multiple losses in their lives and Restore has been instrumental in helping them deal with the grief and pain.  One woman who lost both her father and mother while in the Restore program wrote:

 “I can say that through all of these trials, Restore counseling was very helpful.  It helped me to restore my faith and know I don’t have control over this life.  . . . Because of the Lord and the help I have received by Restore, I know that I am forgiven by the Lord for my abortions.   I have learned to forgive myself for wrong choices I have made in my past.  . . . My desire is to be a Godly steward to God and pass on what God has given me.  I may have my grief, but I know God carries me each day.”

What a wonderful story of redemption.  It is a privilege for Caring Network to be instrumental in the lives of wounded people who are in desperate need of God’s healing and forgiveness.  Thanks for being part of their lives.