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2016 – A Year of Firsts!

Caring Network Sets Ministry Records

Caring Network’s vision is to increase the number of pregnant women coming to us for help through increased internet advertising and by providing access to Caring Network services at more locations around the county. 2016 saw significant strategic growth for Caring Network in these areas.

  • Caring Network’s first express center in Elmhurst, a partnership with Pathway Community Church exploded this year-seeing 8 times as many clients as in 2015.
  • Marketing records indicate that more clients than ever came to Caring Network through internet advertising. A 62% increase over 2015.

Other record setting events in 2016

  • The Naperville office set a record of seeing over 300 clients in 2016; 56% more than were seen in 2015.
  • Caring Network saw more pregnant women considering abortion or in danger of choosing abortion than ever before in its history. An increase of 24% over 2015.
  • Caring Network maintained its focus on reaching those women actively looking for abortion, increasing those numbers by 66% in 2016.

Twins being born, babies saved and moms choosing to give their lives to Christ are among all of the exciting gifts that God gave to Caring Network this year. We are grateful for being able to serve God here in DuPage County and look forward to the opportunities He will provide in 2017.


Grandma Knows Best

It is such a blessing when a woman who chose life returns to show her Caring Network counselor her baby.  Over three years ago, a young pregnant Christian woman came to Caring Network planning to abort her child.  She found out about Caring Network through her mother’s church that had recently completed the Coins for Caring Network program.  She had already had one ultrasound at 6 weeks with an obstetrician, but now she was 10 weeks pregnant and her Caring Network counselor encouraged her to have another ultrasound at Caring Network.  The ultrasound revealed a 10 plus week baby dancing and moving.  The young woman was moved and canceled her abortion appointment. Not long ago, this woman, her mom and her 3 year old daughter came to Caring Network to surprise and thank her Caring Network counselor.  Grandma said it best.  “I just wanted to thank you for my granddaughter.  I know you played a big role in her being here.  She brings so much joy to our lives.  I can’t imagine life without her.  I need you to know how grateful I am for you.”  Caring Network . . . making birthdays happen for 35 years.



The Face of the Pro-Life Movement

Reagan Barklage is the Midwest Regional Coordinator of Students for Life of America.  As a student at the University of Missouri, she started the Mizzou Students for Life group and recently posted a pro-life editorial in an unexpected news source, Glamour Magazine.  In her editorial she characterizes the response of our culture to unplanned pregnancy as less than supportive.   

 “Society tells young women, especially students: You can’t cope with a pregnancy. You can’t go to school and be a mom. You’ll end up broke and have no friends; you might as well drop out now.  Hardly an empowering message. And the most common thing I hear from young women is, “My boyfriend said he will break up with me if I keep it.” What kind of choice is that?”  I do my job to show women, especially those who feel pressured and broken, that they are strong, and that they do have a choice—a real choice, because there is support.”

So Reagan decided to organize her group to help women on campus face an unplanned pregnancy.  She created special kits full of resources for pregnant women, handed out free pregnancy tests, hosted baby showers, diaper drives, baby sat during finals and gave out scholarships for student moms.  Reagan recognizes the importance of pregnancy centers.

“Many women I have talked to who have had abortions weren’t aware of their other options. They didn’t know there was a place down the street that would offer free or low-cost services during and even after their pregnancy. The most compelling words that I can tell a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy is, “You can do this. You are a strong woman and we are going to help you.”

Reagan is the face of the pro-life movement . . .  Helping pregnant women one on one, empowering them to make choices for life.  That is what we do everyday in Caring Network’s counseling rooms and everyday lives are changed and saved. Thanks for helping us do that.



Christians Choosing Abortion?

Caring Network is seeing that God is using these crisis situations to strengthen their relationships with Him.  Donna is one such woman.  Pregnant and considering abortion, Donna knows Christ, but has not been living as a believer and has reached a moment of crisis in her life.  Her Caring Network counselor led her in a deep spiritual discussion, prompting her to take an honest look at her circumstances, her child and her relationship with God.  Donna admitted, “Abortion is a sin I never wanted to commit, because it isn’t my baby’s fault.”  Her ultrasound showed her the image of her healthy baby and she chose life.  Through her experience at Caring Network she found hope and a way back to God.  What a blessing for us to see God working in this young woman’s life!



Caring Network – Needed Now More Than Ever!

Caring Network celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.  This ministry that began as a telephone line in a mechanic’s garage has grown to be a vibrant ministry that meets vulnerable pregnant women in four separate locations in DuPage County. Unfortunately, our county has witnessed the growth of the abortion industry within our borders.  Currently we have four abortion clinics with the largest being the Planned Parenthood mega center in east Aurora.   Abortion has been a part of the American culture since 1973 and to many young women it is an acceptable solution to the problem of an unplanned pregnancy.  Studies show that 98% of women who visit an abortion center first, will choose to abort.  Why?  Because they are given no other choice!  It is so important that Caring Network reach them first.  Caring Network exists to offer these women hope and a different choice.  A choice for life that they can live with.  What women need is not abortion, but compassion, love, support and solutions to real problems.  They can find all of these at a Caring Network center.



Numbers Don’t Lie

Caring Network continues to grow.  Building on an effective internet marketing strategy that reaches women in the midst of making a decision on their pregnancy, the numbers of women who think that abortion must be their choice who come to Caring Network for help has dramatically increased.  In the first 7 months of 2016, Caring Network served more women considering abortion than in any year ever before. These women come to Caring Network intent on abortion, many facing very difficult circumstances.  But with love, compassion and the miracle of ultrasound, babies are being saved. 

Tanya came to Caring Network thinking she was about 11 weeks pregnant.  The mother of a daughter already, she was hoping to get back to work now that her daughter was getting older.  Abortion seemed like the best solution.  But her ultrasound revealed a beautiful image of a 14 ½ week old baby.  When asked by her Caring Network counselor how the ultrasound affected her decision to abort, Tanya responded, “I think I just fell in love.”  Tanya changed her mind and chose life for her child.   “I was thinking I didn’t have support and it made it easier to consider abortion.  I am so glad I came here.” 

Caring Network is on the frontlines of the fight for life, reaching women right where they are.  Making a difference and saving lives.  Thanks for your support!



Restore – Redeeming Lives for Christ!

Grief, anger and self hatred are common emotions felt by women who have experienced abortion.  Caring Network’s Restore program offers healing and forgiveness by encouraging a continuing relationship with Christ.  Many women with no prior religious background begin to find out about God’s love and forgiveness.  Many wish to continue to develop their faith after their time with Restore is over.

This young woman acknowledged that her faith had grown during her time with Restore and she wanted to continue to work on developing her faith in God.

“Before Restore, I was in a very dark place emotionally and spiritually.  I knew I could not continue my life in this much pain.  Restore has brought me out of the darkness I was feeling and I thought would never end.  Although at times it made me feel more sad, I am grateful for the healing it has brought to my life.  I now know that God has forgiven me and the best thing I have realized is my baby is in heaven with God. “

If you or someone you know would like to talk about their abortion experience, please visit for more information and help.



Good News From the Frontlines!

Recently Christians have heard a lot about the politics of abortion, much of it discouraging.  But we forget that the battle for life is being fought one life at a time, everyday, at the Caring Network centers in our county-right here in our neighborhood.  This is what God has been doing.

  • An ultrasound performed on a woman considering abortion revealed twins.  After an intense spiritual discussion, this struggling young woman chose life for her babies.
  • A young couple seeking parenting help at Caring Network recommitted their lives to Christ.
  • Another young couple unable to parent their child decided to pursue adoption after seeing their baby on ultrasound and discussing their situation and options with their Caring Network counselor.
  • An engaged couple considered abortion because they believed that their baby was not yet formed.  But after an ultrasound revealed the truth, they decided to go ahead with the pregnancy.

These are several of the many stories of hope and life that take place at Caring Network every day.  Without your support, these stories would not be possible.  On behalf of the moms, dad and babies, thank you.



What Do the People Think?

John Stonestreet of Breakpoint Commentaries and last year’s Caring Network banquet speaker recently made an interesting observation.  The hearts and minds of the American people are being changed when it comes to the issues of abortion.  Listen to this. 

  • Only 17% of millennials support abortion for any reason at any time.  62% of them who even described themselves as pro-choice, believe that abortion should be banned after the first trimester.
  • Over 60% of Americans oppose taxpayer funding for abortions.
  • 80% want abortion clinics held to the same standards as other outpatient surgical centers.
  • 70% believe that abortionists should be required to have hospital admitting privileges.
  • Americans agree by a margin of 20% that religious healthcare providers should not be forced to perform abortions against their deeply-held beliefs.

This is all great news!  Abortion numbers continue to decline.  Lives are being saved and changed everyday.  Praise God!