A Christian Education Controversy

What to Do with Pregnant Students

Maddi Runkles was a straight-A student, athlete, and student council president at Heritage Academy, a private Christian school in Boonsboro, Maryland.  The unplanned pregnancy that revealed her violation of the school’s morality code resulted in Maddi’s suspension, removal from the student council, and prohibition from “walking” during graduation.   Maddi’s story demonstrates the conflicts that many Christian schools face.  How do we maintain the principles of a pro-life position (giving life to the baby) and maintain the principles of sexual ethics and conduct?  Julie Roys, host of Moody Radio’s Up For Debate, offered:  “Christians often fall into one of two ditches when dealing with sin in their own communities.  Either we completely overlook it and err on the side of compromising holiness—or we fail to forgive, punish harshly, and miss the heart of the gospel.  What’s needed is a proper view of biblical discipline—a practice that seeks to restore and heal, not wound and punish.”  While we are grieved by our culture’s misuse of God’s best gifts and plans for his creation, women who come to Caring Network are always loved unconditionally.  Caring Network counselors focus on sharing the truth in love, meeting real needs, and finding solutions that empower a young woman to give life to her child.  In the process, lives are radically changed.  In the end, the glory belongs to God.