Evangelism in the 21st Century part 2

Reaching Women for Christ in the Counseling Room

Pastor Mike Fleishmann’s passion is to reach “none” adults with the Gospel.  In order to find the best way to do that he identified believers that came to faith as adults and compared the faith experience of more than 3,000 of these believers from 31 states and a dozen denominations.  He published the results of his study in a 2010 Christianity Today article entited,  “How Outsiders Find Faith.”  Some facts:

  • A majority of former “nones” who find faith say that it was a friend who influenced them toward faith. This friendship may have been for a lifetime or just a season, but it was the right person at the right time.
  • 56% report coming to faith in the midst of a significant transition or crisis. Most often it’s family-related, marriage or parenting; and sometimes the crisis may relate to addiction or illness.  A person’s circumstances are often the open window for the message of Christ to take root in a person’s life.

The women that come to Caring Network are many times in a crisis.  Pregnant, afraid, unsure, they are in need of a friend who will help them negotiate their pregnancy decision.  As our Caring Network counselors extend Christ’s compassion and love to these women, spiritual discussions take place, prayers are offered, the Gospel is shared, and women come to Christ.  Through Caring Network, God is using the opportunity of their crisis to let these women know that He loves them and desires for them to be saved.  And Caring Network counselors take advantage of this opportunity.  In 2017, 48% of counselor discussion included a discussion of spiritual matters.  What a blessing to be used by Christ to further His kingdom!