Evangelism in the 21st Century

The “Nones”

Our American culture is challenged by the increasing number of “nones”.  What is a none?  An individual who answers “none” when asked to describe their religious beliefs or affiliations.  “Nones” can be either people who were raised in the faith but are no longer practicing or people who come from an unchurched background where they had no exposure to Christianity.  How can we as concerned  Christians reach the “nones” with the good news of the Gospel.  According to Associate Professor of Philosophy Kaldoun Sweiss, a member of the faculty at Olive-Harvey College in Chicago, trying to reach “nones” is a four step process.

  • Engaging them in discussion about our secular culture
  • Listening and asking thoughtful questions to encourage them to think.
  • Being their friend when times are difficult.
  • Walking with them offering encouragement and help

It is well known that evangelism involves relationship.  Most people who come to Christ do so with the help of a friend or mentor.  This fact is significant for Caring Network as our goal is to save lives now and for eternity.  So looking for opportunities to lead women to Christ in the counseling room is a priority.  Opening the discussion can be as simple as “Will you pray with me?”  More on this in my next blog.