What Goes Around Comes Around

Communist China is facing a fertility problem.

Their one child policy initiated in 1979 has led to forced abortions, sterilizations, and a huge demographic nightmare.  As the birthrate declined, there are fewer and fewer workers (the backbone of an economy) and its population has aged dramatically.  Now China is faced with the problem of a population growing old before it has a chance to get wealthy.  Chinese officials are encouraging Chinese couples to produce more children with slogans such as “Get to sleep early, stop playing cards and work hard to produce a child.”  But unfortunately it is probably too late – the one child policy has been found to be very convenient – most Chinese couples do not believe that they can afford more children.  It is anticipated that the fertility rate will not rise above 1.5 children per couple; not enough to even replace China’s current population.  According to John Stonestreet, Caring Network’s 2015 banquet speaker, the problem is one of worldview.  “The secular and certainly communist worldviews see children as commodities; subject either to parents’ desires and ‘lifestyle choices’ or to a government’s economic and political goals.”  In contrast, “Christianity sees children as gifts of God: the natural, desirable result of the loving, lifelong commitment and physical union of husband and wife.”  How we think about people makes a difference in our choices.  Caring Network counselors help pregnant women see babies as blessings rather than burdens.  When that happens, choices change and lives are saved.