Good News From the Frontlines!

Recently Christians have heard a lot about the politics of abortion, much of it discouraging.  But we forget that the battle for life is being fought one life at a time, everyday, at the Caring Network centers in our county-right here in our neighborhood.  This is what God has been doing.

  • An ultrasound performed on a woman considering abortion revealed twins.  After an intense spiritual discussion, this struggling young woman chose life for her babies.
  • A young couple seeking parenting help at Caring Network recommitted their lives to Christ.
  • Another young couple unable to parent their child decided to pursue adoption after seeing their baby on ultrasound and discussing their situation and options with their Caring Network counselor.
  • An engaged couple considered abortion because they believed that their baby was not yet formed.  But after an ultrasound revealed the truth, they decided to go ahead with the pregnancy.

These are several of the many stories of hope and life that take place at Caring Network every day.  Without your support, these stories would not be possible.  On behalf of the moms, dad and babies, thank you.