What does it take to save a life?

For the past 37 years, Caring Network has never stopped pursuing that end.  Our staff is on the front lines in the battle for life.  Over time our team has honed its skills so that we bring the very best tools into the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy—the latest in ultrasound technology and counselors skilled in intervention, addressing the complex issues that compel a mother to seek abortion as her answer.  In 37 years of ministry, Caring Network has been used by God to save tens of thousands of lives! Read on to learn more about our organization’s impact.

2016 has also been a year of milestones at Caring Network.  In just over half the year, more of those women most likely to choose abortion came to a Caring Network center than in any previous full year.  These are the women Caring Network is actively seeking to serve, in order to have the greatest impact for God’s kingdom!  We are performing a record number of ultrasounds, and our counselors are providing ongoing support to more families than ever.  God is working through Caring Network to save lives that would certainly be lost, and transform hearts that would now be broken by abortion.

But despite Caring Network’s tremendous effectiveness, abortion remains a significant issue in our community.  Every year, nearly 2,000 abortions take place in DuPage County.  And, when we include surrounding communities within reach of a Caring Network center, that number increases to almost 5,000. These women and their children are on our hearts as we strive to increase our outreach and our access so that every woman vulnerable to choosing abortion can get the help she needs at Caring Network.

Those we serve are in need of compassion, guidance and practical help.  If Caring Network can reach these women before they go to a Planned Parenthood, as many as 3 out of 4 would give life to their children.  For those who visit Planned Parenthood, independent research shows that their children will almost certainly be lost.


Our Organization's Impact

The need is Urgent!


Caring Network has Answers

God has greatly blessed the work of Caring Network

Further research shows that women in crisis usually make a pregnancy decision within 14 days.   The need is immediate, and Caring Network has answers.  We have the technology, skill, seasoned staff and vision to turn the tide.  We can and we must bring our success to bear on this persistent tragedy in our community.

God has greatly blessed the work of Caring Network and granted success to our team on the front lines of this critical battle.  We urge you to help us rescue a child and save a mom today through your sponsorship.