Caring Network has a strategy to reach those most vulnerable to choosing abortion—through increased outreach and increased access.  Caring Network’s plan is to multiply our most successful efforts, in order to reach and save more.

Outreach means reaching women where they already are, and where they go first for help.  Whoever reaches a vulnerable pregnant woman first will determine her future, and the future of her child.

Today, that battle is most often waged on the internet.  Investing in internet strategies has allowed Caring Network to reach those women most in need, and right in the middle of their pregnancy decision.  Staying on the cutting edge of online marketing, website optimization, social media and other technology is crucial.  If we don’t, more lives will be lost.  Many women are also referred to Caring Network through personal and professional connections.  By maintaining relationships with those most influential in a woman’s life—doctors, counselors and other trusted advisors—we widen and strengthen an important network of outreach on the ground.

Increasing access is also critical.  Our own data show that 90% of women travel less than 10 miles to a Caring Network center.  Our goal is to place a Caring Network center within 10 miles of every woman in need in our greater community, focusing on areas of greatest urgency.  Currently, Caring Network operates six pregnancy centers. Our most recent center opened in 2019 in Darien, allowing us to expand our reach into suburban Cook County.  Your support ensures that Caring Network will be here when a vulnerable woman needs us, with exactly what she needs.

This work has real results!  Each year, we continue to reach a higher percentage of women who are actively seeking abortion, allowing us to make an impact on those who are most at risk.  We need your help to reach more women and save more lives.  Join with us in the vital work of impacting more lives in DuPage County and surrounding areas!