Preborn to newborn… your gift has the power to save a life.

With the help of our faithful ministry partners, Caring Network has been making birthdays happen for 40 years! In the content below, we answer the question, “what does it cost to save a life” and explore six pregnancy counseling costs that help save lives through the Pro-Life Movement.

What Does it Cost to Save a Life?

Cost to save a life

Pregnancy Counseling Cost #1. Reaching Out to Women in Need

In order for us at Caring Network to have the greatest impact, we are actively reaching out to women in need where they already are such as their home or school, and where they are looking for answers like the internet, a trusted doctor, counselor, or teacher. Whoever reaches these women first will most likely serve as the greatest influence over her fate, and consequentially, the fate of her child. Therefore, Caring Network is set to enhance our marketing approaches over the internet and how we create relationships.

Internet and Relationship Marketing = $300


Pregnancy Counseling Cost #2: Making a Connection

Caring Network’s ministry began as a hotline ringing in a mechanic’s garage where volunteers took turns answering the calls. Today, Caring Network’s hotline receives thousands of calls from women both in and around DuPage County. Through this ministry, our expert hotline staff addresses complex issues that help pregnant women make their decision.

Additionally, Caring Network’s help website also allows women to chat online with a pregnancy consultant.  Whenever a woman has a question about her unplanned pregnancy, Caring Network has answers.

Hotline and Chat Support = $150


Pregnancy Counseling Cost #3: Meeting the Need

Caring Network is the first step for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Often, women come to us before they even know if they are pregnant. On average, Caring Network provides 1,000 pregnancy tests every year. When a woman learns of her pregnancy, Caring Network pregnancy counselors are prepared. Although many pregnancy tests come back as negative, this provides a unique opportunity to discuss abstinence and healthy relationships.

An important part of Caring Network’s mission is working to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Caring Network believes in God’s plan for his people, to save an intimate relationship and children for marriage. Caring Network provides abstinence counseling to hundreds of women and couples each year.

Pregnancy Testing and Initial Session = $100


Pregnancy Counseling Cost #4: Developing a Relationship

Caring Network staff understands the obstacles women face in an unplanned pregnancy. They may experience pressure from family or friends, financial and medical concerns, relationship challenges, fear of the unknown, guilt, and shame—all while being surrounded by a culture that fails to respect God’s gift of life. Our pregnancy counselors are steeped in God’s truth, filled with compassion, and skilled at discerning the unique needs of each client.

Caring Network pregnancy counselors empower women to choose life!

Pregnancy Counseling Services = $250


Pregnancy Counseling Cost #5: The Truth Tool

Recognizing the potential to save lives, Caring Network began implementing ultrasound services in 2002. Ultrasound is an effective tool that not only reveals to a mother her unborn baby, but it also promotes Caring Network’s services to women searching for answers. An ultrasound reveals the viability of the pregnancy and the possibility of miscarriage. For women seeking an abortion, this information is crucial.

Ultrasound is the most powerful instrument Caring Network uses to save lives. Even women committed to abortion are moved by the sight of their unborn child’s heartbeat and activity in the womb. Caring Network’s medical team spends time with new mothers, showing them the heartbeat of their child and providing them with as much information as possible on the development of their baby.

Ultrasound Services = $350


Pregnancy Counseling Cost #6: Walking the Distance

Caring Network’s mission is to provide practical help to families experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, empowering them to choose life. To meet ongoing needs, Caring Network pregnancy counselors keep in contact with their clients long after their initial visits.

We equip three local “baby banks” to help meet the need for baby supplies. Additionally, the Bridges program also provides faith-based encouragement in a group setting, allowing mothers and fathers to receive relational, spiritual, and physical care.

The Connections program was developed to encourage local churches to form relationships with women who may have little or no support during their pregnancies. The program helps form a network of relationships around a woman and her baby to enhance the quality of her life and help further develop her spiritual life.

Caring Network maintains a database of several hundred local resources for clients in need. For assistance with adoption plans, housing, insurance, and more, our pregnancy counselors at Caring Network can connect families with the resources and help they need in the community.

Ongoing Support = $50

Total Cost of a Life Saved = $1,200

Partner with Caring Network Today in the Cost to Save a Life

With God’s help, Caring Network has rescued tens of thousands of mothers and children over the past four decades. However, we simply could not have accomplished this without the prayers and partnership of friends like you.

With our goal of serving more women than ever in the middle of a critical pregnancy decision, the opportunities for making a difference continue to grow. God has greatly blessed the work of Caring Network and made it fruitful. We urge you to partner with us today!

At Caring Network, over the decades we have maintained our commitment to continue to be the hands and feet of God, and His faithfulness continues — just as He promises. We are grateful for our partners like you who help make this life-giving work possible. If you would like to know more about the mission of Caring Network, get involved, or contribute, contact us today!