International Women’s Day – 2017

Empowering Women-Really?

March 8th was International Women’s Day, a day when women around the world celebrated the existence of women and honored the many prominent women in their lives who had contributed so much to society. Unfortunately, there were some celebrants who took this opportunity to express their belief that easy access to abortion was the only way to truly empower women to enjoy a prosperous and meaningful future. Really? Is that what true empowerment is all about? Many young pro-life women don’t believe that. They believe that women are empowered when they can choose to pursue a career or education without being asked to sacrifice their motherhood and allow someone to end the live of their child. Their lives are not an either or, but a both and. Caring Network exists to give women “both and” decision making capabilities. By providing answers to the problems women face in carrying their pregnancy, Caring Network truly empowers women to choose a life with their child. Caring Network does not believe that any woman should be required to sacrifice the life of her child to enjoy a meaningful future. We are glad that with your support thousands of women who came to Caring Network for help have been empowered to choose life for their child.