Is Ultrasound Political?

Revealing Truth to Pregnant Women

In an article written by Moira Weigel, published in The Atlantic, the author asserts that the images seen on an ultrasound screen are no different from the “rapidly dividing cell mass” of early pregnancy. Any parent or grandparent who has seen ultrasound pictures of their unborn child or grandchild knows that this statement is false. The development of an unborn child as witnessed by viewing both an early pregnancy ultrasound and one in the last trimester is profound. The article entitled “How Ultrasound Advanced the Idea that a Fetus is a Person” asserts that ultrasound is being used to deceive women and convince them that the fetus is a human being. She even goes so far as to criticize expectant parents who post ultrasound images of their unborn children on Facebook or Instagram as participating in the “popular enthusiasm for fetal images.” There is no doubt that the advancements in ultrasound have made a huge positive difference in the work of pregnancy centers. At Caring Network, a majority of women who see their unborn child on ultrasound, choose to carry their pregnancy. This advance in technology has given pregnant women the opportunity to see the miraculous miracle of life that is going on their bodies. Ultrasound is not political but reality.