Let There Be LIGHT!

Scientists have captured the exact moment a human sperm meets a human egg on film and found out that the union of the two (conception) produces a blast of white light.  The light is created by the release of calcium that occurs when the sperm enters the egg and that deposit causes an expulsion of zinc that gives off a fluorescent light.  Although scientists had seen this phenomenon several years ago in a mouse, this is the first time it has been recorded in humans.  Scientists are hopeful that this new discovery will help them determine the success of in-vitro fertilization procedures as the light is strongest in viable embryos.  This exciting finding underscores what the pro-life movement and scientists have said for years-life starts at conception.  Technology continues to wipe away the shrouds that surround the early development of human life revealing the truth and hope that Caring Network continues to bring to vulnerable pregnant women . . .  we are here to help you and your baby.