Media Cover-Up?

Happy with Motherhood!

In June it was reported that a young Irish woman who was almost 25 weeks pregnant had requested an abortion, claiming that the pregnancy made her suicidal.  The Irish 2013 Protection of Life in Pregnancy Act allows abortion when the woman is deemed to be suicidal or at risk of loss of life from physical illness.  Her request was denied, because her psychiatrist ruled that abortion was not the solution to her problems.  The Irish press ran the young girl’s story implying that the reason that the abortion was denied was that the psychiatrist did not approve of the procedure and obviously the law should be changed to allow a woman to make that choice for herself.  Subsequently, a panel of experts overrode the psychiatrist and ruled that the pregnant woman could have the abortion.  But good news:  after developing a strong bond with her doctor, the young woman chose to carry her child.  She and her baby are now living happily with her family.  Of course, the media has not covered this part of the story.  This story reflects the work of Caring Network.  When vulnerable pregnant women are given caring support, decisions change and babies are born.  This scene is found every day in Caring Network’s counseling rooms.  Thank you for helping to make that possible.