Meeting the Needs of Women

In 1981, abortion was relatively new to our country.  Concerned Christians all around the country struggled with how to respond to this crisis.  Here in DuPage County, concerned clergy and community leaders decided that they wanted to be boots on the ground and focus on reaching the women who were in an unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion.  They hoped that through compassion and offering support, women would choose life for their babies.  So Crisis Pregnancy Services of DuPage was founded.  Volunteer counselors responded to calls made by pregnant women to a hotline that was located in a mechanic’s garage.  Although rudimentary, it worked and many women were helped.  35 years later, Caring Network Pregnancy Services has grown from that first hotline to 5 locations in DuPage County.  Thousands and thousands of babies have been born and their moms saved from the tragedy that is abortion.  Celebrate with us 35 years of making birthdays happen!