Benefits of a Non-Profit Career

Benefits of a Non-Profit CareerAre you just starting out on the job market and considering a career in the non-profit sector? Or perhaps you have worked for quite some time and are looking for a change. Regardless of your status, a career in a non-profit organization can seem very rewarding. Aside from the assistance a non-profit brings to the community, what could it bring to your own career path? What are some of the benefits of a non-profit career?

Caring Network is a Chicagoland non-profit organization that has been serving the western suburbs since 1981. We have a mission to reach women facing unplanned pregnancy, and been saving lives for four decades. We could not fulfill this important work without those who have dedicated their careers to the cause. If you’d like to learn more about available employment opportunities, check out our Careers page!

Three Benefits of a Non-Profit Career

When considering a career at a non-profit organization, it can be helpful to weigh the pros and cons. Most people are familiar with the fact that non-profits serve the community in some capacity. But are there other benefits that might be helpful in making a career decision?

What are some ways that a non-profit career could be beneficial?

1 – By contributing your talents to an organization whose mission you believe in.

Not all non-profits are created equal. Each organization has its own sense of mission and vision. They contribute to the community in their individual way. Are you interested in a particular organization or type of service? What most aligns with your values and beliefs? Are there ways you can contribute your unique skills and talents to help meet that vision?

Non-profit organizations are often portrayed as offering lower salaries than those in the private sector. However, when considering the total value of a position, it’s important to look at other aspects besides strictly dollars. Does the ability to make a difference in the lives of others impact your decision? By committing to a greater cause, a career in the non-profit world has measurable worth that is meaningful, well beyond just take-home pay.

2 – Non-profits can create a unique culture where employees feel valued for their skills.

In addition to contributing to the community, you can also contribute to your work culture! Non-profit organizations are often searching for highly talented people for their teams. Do you have a wide range of skills that you have developed over the years? Or perhaps, your specialized training would assist in a unique way. The commodity of a non-profit organization is not found in sales or gross income. Instead, it’s found in the richness of the staff that makes up the organization. The team is integral to fulfilling the mission.

3 – Flexibility and creativity are the names of the game!

Non-profits are specially set up to utilize a sense of flexibility and creativity. Resources may not always be as readily available as the private sector. And although some may view that as a downside, it’s actually a great opportunity for flexibility and creativity. Unique solutions are often discovered. Very often employees wear many hats, with opportunities to work on a wide range of projects and interface with different departments within the organization. This translates to being exposed to new areas, the ability to broaden your skills and continually learn.  New talents are developed. Management becomes open to innovative ideas and new paths forward. Everyone on the team can find a voice, share input and grow.

These are just a few of the many benefits of a non-profit career. Are you interested in working for a non-profit organization? Are you especially seeking a career with a faith-based pro-life company? Learn more about how to partner with Caring Network’s vision to reach more women and save more lives today. Check out our Careers page for current openings.