Caring Network Executive Team News

To Our Partners and Supporters in Ministry,

The ministry has been growing and taking new ground and we are grateful to God for His leading. We have much to be thankful for! As you know, during Beth Rockouski’s leave of absence, longtime leadership staff have graciously stepped up to help lead the ministry during this interim.  To continue to help fuel this growth, Kirt Wiggins has been appointed as the Interim President of Caring Network.

Kirt is committed to our mission and has served on our board for many years so has extensive knowledge of Caring Network’s structure and inner workings. Additionally, he has served as the chief operations officer for a large missionary organization making him particularly qualified to step in and assist us during this time.  Since Kirt will also continue to serve as the Lead Pastor of Pathway Community Church, he will work part-time as the Interim President effective Thursday, January 23, 2020.   We are very grateful that God brought Kirt into a set of circumstances that have enabled him to step into this crucial, temporary role.

Thank you all very much for your continued support of our ministry during this transition time and thank you all in advance for joining me in welcoming Kirt Wiggins to the Caring Network executive team.


Yours in Christ,

The Caring Network Leadership Team