Church Partnership During COVID-19

Adjusting to life after the coronavirus has been difficult for many.  The virus has impacted all aspects of society – health care, enterprise, family life, religious services, and the list goes on.  Despite the challenges, volunteerism and service are still going strong. Although some traditional in-person volunteer roles are on hold, other opportunities have arisen for people to give back.  Church partnership is one area of growth during this unprecedented season– as congregations and parishes come together to serve those who have been impacted in the community.

Caring Network is a pro-life faith-based organization that has been meeting women facing unplanned pregnancies with spiritual counsel, emotional support, and practical help for almost four decades.  By offering free services and coming alongside women at a critical time of need, we are able to be the hands and feet of Christ.  Through the aftermath of COVID-19, churches have come together to contribute diapers, wipes, and other necessary items to benefit our clients – rallying volunteers and opening new opportunities for needs to be met.  If you’d like to learn how to get involved, contact Tracy today for more information!

How Churches are Poised to Meet Needs

Beginning in the Old Testament, God called on His children to meet the needs of those around them.  When Jesus began His earthly ministry, He reiterated that call by saying whatever was done to the least of these (the hungry, thirsty, homeless, needy, sick, prisoners), would be done as a direct act of service to Him.  (Matthew 25:31-46)  For thousands of years, God’s people have been fulfilling the call to bring His kingdom to earth through meeting the physical needs of those around them.

In recent months with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic being felt by our communities, the church has been particularly poised to meet needs.  During crisis points in history, the body of Christ has been there to offer relief and practical aid.  This season is no different.  Despite not being able to meet in person, many churches have offered other options for individuals to get involved in serving others.  We are seeing many rise to that challenge.

How the Church is Rallying to Serve Others

In a recent interview with the Daily Herald, Jeff Frazier from Chapelstreet Church said, “We are learning some things that will serve us well not just in the present crisis but the future.  I see so many people in our church family and community who are taking seriously the call to love their neighbor.  I do get a sense that there [are] good things happening.”

With not only a temporal, but also eternal impact in mind, the body of Christ has organized to provide assistance to hospital workers, distribute food, sew masks, check on neighbors, and so much more.  Here at Caring Network, we have been overwhelmingly blessed by the results of church partnership directly, as churches rally around serving women and their children who have been impacted by an unplanned pregnancy.  By donating diapers, wipes, and other items, churches have joined together to meet the practical needs of these families during a trying time.  Other area churches have offered up volunteers or opened their doors to distribute the items directly to moms in need.

If you are a part of a congregation or parish that would like to give back during what is a trying season for many, there are several ways to get involved.  Join with other churches in the area by partnering with Caring Network to meet the needs of families impacted by unexpected pregnancy.  To learn more about our pro-life organization or ways to contribute, contact us today!