Church Partnerships With Nonprofits

Church Partnerships With NonprofitsOne thing nonprofit organizations have in common is that we couldn’t make the degree of impact we do without churches coming alongside us and partnering with us and our mission. We rely on your perspectives, gifts, and talents to make a greater difference in the lives of the people we serve.

When churches partner with nonprofits, it benefits everyone; the church, the nonprofit, and the community.

Churches Benefit From Church Partnerships With Nonprofits

It’s not a one-way street when your church helps a nonprofit because your support not only benefits us but it also benefits your church.

  1. Your church body has more opportunities to serve with its gifts.

 God gives each believer manifestations of His Spirit for His service and the benefit of all, according to 1 Corinthians 12. When your church partners with nonprofits, members have more opportunities to share their spiritual gifts.

  1. Your church is blessed through serving others.

As they always do, Jesus’ words ring true, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Everyone in your church body is blessed when they have an opportunity to generously give their time and talents to a nonprofit they care about. 

Nonprofit Organizations Benefit From Church Partnerships With Nonprofits

There is much more than financial gain for nonprofit organizations when your church partners with nonprofits.

  1. Church partnership increases awareness about the needs of the nonprofit.

It’s not a secret that it takes much hard work to fulfill a nonprofit organization’s mission. When your church partners with a nonprofit, it sparks the interest of those with shared passions. Those people often tell others, and the word spreads.

  1. The church brings diversity and fresh ideas to a nonprofit organization.

In a well-intentioned effort to build unity, nonprofits can experience groupthink. Your church can bring much-needed diversity and fresh ideas to a nonprofit.

The Community Benefits From Church Partnerships With Nonprofits

What does it mean to be the hands and feet of Jesus in your community? Consider the example of Jesus’ disciples who went into communities to share the gospel and meet the physical needs of those around them.

  1. It raises awareness about the needs of the community.

When your church partners with a nonprofit, it raises awareness about issues and needs in the community.

  1. The needs of the community are met more effectively.

 More availability, ideas, and diversity mean the needs of the community can be met more effectively.

How Your Church Can Partner With Caring Network

Caring Network offers many partnership opportunities for churches with a heart to be a voice for the unborn and help women through unplanned pregnancies. Some serving possibilities at Caring Network include:

If your church is interested in learning more or partnering with Caring Network, reach out today. We would love to answer your question and tell you more!