Colorado Unborn Victims Bill Voted Down

The attacker who brutally assaulted a 7-month-pregnant mother in Colorado will stand trial over charges associated with the mother’s assault, but will not face any charges for killing her baby. The news comes one day after the Colorado legislature voted down an unborn victims bill, intended to hold criminals accountable when they kill or injure unborn children in the course of committing a violent crime. Despite the fact that 25 other states have passed similar laws protecting unborn children, pro-abortion legislators in Colorado argued that the bill could be used to prosecute women for abortion or even miscarriage. Though disappointed, the victim’s family issued a statement in support of law enforcement, saying that they understand prosecutors are bound by the current law. Colorado Citizens for Life director Sarah Zagorski commented, “At the very least, Colorado Citizens for Life would hope that lawmakers could put aside their partisan differences to pass this common sense piece of legislation.” A similar Colorado bill was also voted down in 2013.