Defending the Dignity of Life

By now, we’ve all seen or heard the shocking stories in the media of the more than 2,400 bodies of aborted babies found last fall in an Illinois garage belonging to the well- known Indiana abortionist, Dr. Ulrich “George” Klopfer, who operated abortion clinics from the 1970’s until his license was revoked in 2016.  It is estimated he performed up to 50,000 abortions in Indiana during that time period – imagine 50,000 babies who were denied the chance of life!

But how encouraging it was to see the subsequent story of the state of Indiana coming to the rescue of these babies on February 12th of this year, when they offered a respectful ceremony and the remains of these babies were interred in the Southlawn Cemetery. An honorable effort demonstrating the faithful respect for the dignity of life!

Caring Network is a Chicagoland pro-life organization that has been defending the dignity of life since 1981. Our services assist women in seeing the dignity, hope, and truth in their own lives, as well as the lives of their unborn children. Join with us in our work through prayer, volunteer opportunities, or partnership.   

Advancing the Dignity of Life

In addition to the recent ceremony in Indiana, we have witnessed other positive changes in a number of states across the country supporting what is now termed “Fetal Remains” laws that offer various protections for the remains of the unborn, recognizing the dignity of human life, no matter the size or age.

These states include: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota (with restrictions), New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.   Also, Ohio, South Dakota, South Carolina and Mississippi have all recently considered restrictions on what happens to aborted fetal remains.

Our neighboring state, Indiana’s fetal remains law (one of the first of its kind and originally signed in 2016 by then Governor Mike Pence) recently was appealed all the way to the Supreme Court and was upheld on May of 2019, requiring abortion providers to bury or cremate fetal remains.

Protecting the Dignity of Life for the Future

The fact that so many states are coming to recognize that at the end of life, all of us, including and especially those of the unborn, should receive the dignity that God intended, is really encouraging and positive news.

This continues to be a battle for both hearts and minds as those in favor of abortion are fighting any restrictions on abortion clinics. These fetal remains laws, requiring a clinic to provide “aborted fetuses” or unborn babies an appropriate burial or cremation, are complicated and expensive steps they do not want to pay for or take.

All lives deserve respect and support. So it remains critical we all continue to pray for, defend and diligently work to preserve the dignity of all lives, both the unborn and their mothers. Caring Network offers women and their unborn children the dignity God gave all of His creation, by providing compassionate services in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy. Join with us in our work to reach more women and save more lives.