Demonstrating Pro-Life Values through Pregnancy and Beyond

In our current cultural climate, there are those who are skeptical of pregnancy resource centers.  One of the common criticisms is a perceived lack of concern for the women facing unexpected pregnancy themselves.  It has been said that pregnancy centers only care for the baby, and do nothing to help their clients succeed once the baby is born.  Here at Caring Network, nothing can be farther from the truth.

Caring Network has been supporting women facing unexpected pregnancies since 1981.  With compassionate care, vital services, and practical support, we are able to come alongside women in need both during the pregnancy and beyond.  All of this is made possible through the support of individuals, churches, and businesses in our community. If you’d like to learn more our ministry or how to get involved, contact us today. 

Providing Support Through Pregnancy and Beyond

The women who come to our centers are facing a myriad of obstacles.  Perhaps they do not have support from the father of the baby or their families.  Maybe they just lost their jobs or are struggling financially.  Many already have children and can’t imagine adding another member to their family.  Regardless of the issues they are facing, they are in a place of feeling overwhelmed, scared, desperate, or uncertain.

Caring Network comes alongside them, providing information on their pregnancy options, as well as a free ultrasound.  Our pregnancy counselors also provide a safe space for women to address their questions and concerns.  As women share the obstacles they are facing, resources are made available to help address these issues such as housing, employment, emotional support, or material goods.   Women leave feeling heard, cared for, and supported.

Practical Ways We Provide Support

Many of the resources Caring Network is able to provide comes through organizations in the community that specialize in those areas.  We have built a network of referrals over the years to help address any life issues our clients may be facing.  Through the work of those in our area that specialize in meeting needs such as education, employment, emergency financial relief, housing, counseling, and many more, we are able to our clients up for long-term success.

An additional way we support women beyond pregnancy is through internal programs such as Connections and the Baby Banks.  Through Connections, we pair a pregnant woman in need of support with a group from a local church.  They step forward to be a friend throughout her pregnancy and throw her a baby shower at the end. Through building relationships, the group is able to be the hands and feet of Christ to a woman in need.  In the Baby Banks program, women are able to receive material goods such as diapers and wipes up to twice a month at no charge.  Three local churches are currently hosting these programs as a way to bless these moms.

How Can You Provide Support?

The ability to provide support to a woman beyond her initial pregnancy is not something we can do alone.  It takes a network of community agencies, churches, and non-profit organizations for us to equip new moms for success.  Also, it takes donations of baby items—diapers, wipes, formula, toiletries, gift cards—for us to provide that extra needed boost of material goods.  We can’t do this without you! Each individual and family in our community has a role to play in the support of a woman who chooses life.

How will you choose to participate? If you’d like to support a woman through pregnancy and beyond, there are many ways to help!  Would your business like to sponsor Caring Network? Would your small group or church class be interested in the Connections program or a Diaper Drive?  Do you have time or resources available to volunteer or donate financially?  There are many ways to get involved in the mission and vision of Caring Network. Contact us today for more information!