Does the Right to Take a Life Equate to Better Healthcare?

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about Hollywood and how actors or actresses are using their platforms for political purposes, especially regarding abortion.  A “woman’s right to choose” has become synonymous with women’s rights, access to healthcare, and equality.  In reality, the choice of abortion and furthering its access does not equate to quality health care or empowering women.  Rather, we see the opposite often take place.

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Does Abortion Further Women’s Rights?

We can all agree that women have the right to make choices about her life and the direction it takes.  As a society we value the rights given to us by our Constitution:  freedom of speech, religion, assembly, etc.  However, when it comes to the “right to take a life,” or freedom of choice, many on the pro-abortion side say it’s just as important and should be protected the same as other basic rights.  On the other hand, when facing an unexpected pregnancy, does choosing an abortion feel like a positive, empowering choice?  Many women we serve at Caring Network feel like it is not.  They are not considering the option of abortion because it is something they are passionate about.  Instead, they are often left feeling like it’s their only option.  Rather than furthering women’s rights to choose, it seems as if abortion is the “best” option when there is desperation and a lack of available choices.

Does Abortion Further Women’s Health Care?

Abortion does not equal health care.  Health care protects and improves lives.  It provides people with screenings, diagnosis, and on-going care.  Abortion can be provided in clinics that do not offer general health care services and may not even need to be performed by a medical doctor (as is the case with the medication abortion in the state of Illinois).  It takes the lives of the unborn and places the lives of the mothers at risk—both physically and emotionally.  Abortion not only does not further women’s health care, but has been known to have negative effects on the care of women.

Does Abortion Further Equality for Women?

In our culture, abortion can often be used as a platform for women’s equality, implying that having the “freedom” to choose abortion elevates her or makes her stronger.  From experience, we know the choice to have an abortion often lies solely on the woman.  She does not need the consent of her partner or the father of the child, and depending on the state, if she is under age 18, she may not even need the consent of her parent or guardian.  Having the responsibility of whether or not to take a life in the hands of a woman, alone, is portrayed positively.  But how can making a life or death decision alone be a good thing?  And what about others that are involved?  Can we “elevate” the role of the woman without diminishing the role of the father or family?  And what about the burden that women are left to carry, often alone?

Overall, promoting abortion as a choice does not increase the rights, health care or equality of women.  Although Hollywood is a big platform that carries a strong message, it doesn’t mean that our voices don’t matter.  Being a voice for life and utilizing your own network and resources does make an impact.  Join with the work of organizations like Caring Network in sharing truth, love and hope to women facing unplanned pregnancy.  Let your voice be heard today.