Following Your Heart to Save Lives

When we let our hearts lead us, they often draw us toward our deepest hopes. For many, this hope can be an inspiration to make a difference in the world. Following your heart with small efforts can have big impacts—and even save lives. As the precious gift of life becomes challenged by local abortion legislation changes, you might feel called to take meaningful pro-life action. If your heart is compelling you to save lives, and you’re wondering about the ways you can follow it towards change, look no further!

At Caring Network, our hearts are drawn to rescuing families by empowering women to choose life. We invite you to join us in this mission and follow your heart to save lives! Learn more about what it takes to rescue a mother from the painful effects of an abortion, and save the precious life of a child!

Get Informed about Pro-Life Issues

Our hearts might be our inner leaders towards change, but our minds need to fully grasp the issue first. What exactly are the issues challenging pro-life efforts? Two new Illinois bills, HB2467 and HB2495, were recently proposed that risk the increase of abortion in minors and vulnerable women. HB2467 repeals the Parental Notice of Abortion Act of 1995, which required 48-hour notification to the parent, grandparent, or legal guardian of a minor seeking an abortion procedure. This means an underage child (17 and younger) could receive an abortion without any kind of parental notification. Additionally, bill HB2495, The Reproductive Health Act, has made abortion more accessible to vulnerable women in Illinois. Learn more information about these bills at Illinois Right to Life.

What Can You Do to Help Save Lives?

Illinois Right to Life Action Rally.  Travel to our state capital in Springfield to join others who are in opposition to HB2467 and HB2495.  Gather together for lobbying efforts and a rally in the Capitol Rotunda.  Learn more here.

Focus on the Family’s Declaration for Life. We are often stronger together in the face of adversity than individually. Following your heart to save lives might mean standing strong with pro-life supporters to protect those who are vulnerable. Let your voice be heard and known by signing Focus on the Family’s Declaration for Life!

Take Action. Let the mission in your heart shine through by reaching out and speaking up. Contact your state legislator representatives and encourage them to choose life by voting NO on the HB2467 and HB2495 bills. An enlightening conversation can lead to life-saving measures when you don’t just have the information, but also the compassion to impact change.

At Caring Network, we follow our hearts to rescue the precious lives of unborn children. We are the first step for women facing unplanned pregnancies, welcoming them with counsel and resources that offer the truth in changing and saving lives. You can make a powerful difference in practical ways through prayer or by sharing your time and resources. We welcome you to join our hearts and our life-saving mission!

Illinois is moving toward a removal of all restrictions on abortion. As an advocate for the sanctity of life, what helpful responses can you make? In addition to the actions above, you can find individual volunteer opportunities at Caring Network. We help and encourage women to choose life over abortion through practical assistance, and we invite you to join us as we follow our hearts to save lives!