How God Protects the Innocent

How God Protects the InnocentKyle Burgess probably did not expect to be chased by a cougar for six minutes when he went running on a hiking trail in Utah this past October. In a viral video, the cougar can be seen lunging and hissing at Burgess before growing tired of the chase and leaving him alone. Why did the cougar react this way to Burgess? While jogging down the pathway, Burgess decided to approach two baby cougars he encountered on his run and start recording them. The cougar was a momma, and she thought Burgess was trying to harm her babies. Unbeknownst to Burgess, the innocent little cougars he met on the trail had a fierce protector looking out for them. Just as the lives of her offspring were inherently precious to the mother cougar and worth defending, so are we when it comes to our relationship with God.

Caring Network has been supporting women through unplanned pregnancies since 1981. We understand the women who come to us may feel overwhelmed about their role as a mother. That’s why we work closely with them to help them access the resources they need. Find out more today about what you can do to aid our mission of uplifting mothers in a time of crisis!

Our Heavenly Father

God is a parent who loves, protects, and cares for us. It is a bond constructed into our very nature, and God manifests Himself in our lives when we take on the role of mother or father. We know how much God cherishes His little ones. That is why He gave us the ability to become parents. Because He wants us to care for the precious children He has placed here with us on earth.

As the Lord tells us in Psalm 127:3-5, “Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court.”

He calls on us to protect the most innocent among us from harm. Abortion, no matter at what stage, ends the life of one of God’s treasured creations. It is a violation of the parent-child relationship God established for us, and it saddens Him to see two of His children wounded by abortion – both the mother and the baby.

How Can I Help Protect the Innocent?  

In his book Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?, Christian author Randy Alcorn referenced a poster for a famine relief organization that asked, “How do you feed a billion hungry people? One at a time.” You may be wondering how you can make a difference when it comes to abortion. The answer: One life at a time.

There is much you can do as an individual to prevent innocent lives from being taken and mothers’ hearts from being scarred by abortion. You can share the pro-life perspective or personally assist someone you know through an unplanned pregnancy. Or, you can create a fellowship with others in your church or a small group to support pro-life efforts.

We all have the capacity to offer God-given resources to those who need it. We must trust God will show us the unique way He intends for us to serve. Your voice, your action, and your skills can make a huge difference. God working through your hands can make an eternal impact in the lives of thousands of women and children.

Your actions – whether they’re taken within a group or as an individual – have the capacity to save. The mother cougar immediately rose up to defend her babies when she thought they were being threatened. So, you too can respond to God’s call to protect the innocent by safeguarding mothers and children from the dangers of abortion.

Caring Network is always eager to invite others to join our life-affirming ministry. Your prayers, volunteer work, and valuable partnership help us be there for women and their families when they need it most. We work to prevent abortion by offering care to those who need it. Women can depend upon our free, compassionate services during their unplanned pregnancies. Reach out today to see how you can support our mission!