How God Works Miracles to Demonstrate His Love for Life

How God Works Miracles to Demonstrate His Love for LifeGianna Jessen’s story was supposed to end before her birth. In 1977, Jessen was almost another one of the 1.2 million abortions performed every year in this country. But God had other plans.

After being bathed in a burning saline solution that was intended to take her life, Jessen entered the world alive and two months premature. The failed abortion left Jessen with cerebral palsy. But Jessen thinks of her disability as a “gift” because it “allows [her] to really depend on Jesus for everything.” A gifted speaker, Jessen now shares the miracle of her birth to save the lives of others. She proves how God sees who we are and uses our personal stories to inspire. We may not always feel worthy of the role God longs for us to play. But if we trust in His ability to work miracles, we gain a better understanding of how He intends for us to spread the joy of His great love onto others.

Caring Network answered God’s call in 1981 to serve women overwhelmed by an unplanned pregnancy. Each of our centers offers women compassionate support and free services. We have rescued thousands of mothers and their children from the pain of abortion. Learn more about what you can do to take part in Caring Network’s life-affirming mission!

What Can I Do to Make a Difference?

Our lifetime on this earth is a blessing, but our time here is a brief opportunity compared to the eternal life which awaits us. That means we have a limited amount of time to perform the work God has for us here. None of us want to look back on our lives and wish we had done more when we had the chance. What can you do to take advantage of the time allotted to you?

Finding a way to protect God’s precious gift of life is one way to act as a faithful servant of the Lord while you’re here. Try to resist the temptation that being only one person means you cannot make a difference. It does not matter if you’re working through a group or as an individual. God has a plan to use all of us in unique and exciting ways.

How Can I Help Mothers and their Unborn Babies?

We may not have the capacity to change the entire world at once. But we can do as much good as we can while we’re still able. There are many ways we can join the pro-life mission to rescue women and their families from abortion. It’s usually only a matter of determining how God intends to use your unique gifts and talents to carry out His will.

Educate Yourself About the Issue of Abortion: Read about abortion. And learn more about ways to discuss the topic with gentleness when conversing with others.

Pray: The power of prayer is absolute. Praying on your own or organizing a prayer group can provide vital spiritual support to pro-life ministries and those they serve.

Support Pro-Life Organizations: Pregnancy resource centers and other ministry organizations are in the trenches every day in the battle for life. You can make a difference by volunteering or partnering with them to protect women and babies from abortion.

Love is often found in the littlest things. Small, everyday actions can make an impact for eternity.

Caring Network is pleased to partner with you in our mission to prevent lives from being lost to abortion. The relationship we have with individuals and churches is vital.  It equips us to serve women during an unplanned pregnancy. Reach out today to see how you can help to share God’s miracle of life with others!