Making the Impossible Possible

When things seem too difficult to overcome, it can feel impossible to find support and encouragement. As a pro-life supporter, you might be feeling discouraged by our current cultural climate. Doubt and despair could be creeping in as the mission to save lives starts to feel like an uphill battle. However, you are not alone in your mission! Come together with Caring Network as we empower women to choose life. With your support, we make the impossible possible every day!

For nearly four decades, Caring Network has worked to prevent unplanned pregnancies and abortions by providing women with emotional, spiritual, and practical support. We have saved thousands of lives with the help of pro-life supporters like you. Learn more about the possibilities that coming alongside our mission can create, and the impactful power of your sponsorship!

The Possibilities When We Come Together

It is easy to feel alone in the face of opposition. With our cultural climate allowing for changes in legislation and increasing access to abortion, it can be easy to feel discouraged. Yet, when we come together, the possibilities begin to surge. Change in the pro-life movement becomes possible. Hope for future lives becomes possible. When you come together with Caring Network, you help us make a difference for women and families at risk of abortion. You help make it possible to save lives in our local community and reach women right where they need it most. They might not have support systems encouraging them to choose life, or they may feel like an abortion is their only option. But with your help, we spread awareness of God’s truth to these women.

How Your Support Makes the Impossible Possible

Many women who consider abortion feel as though they have impossible situations. These women are in need of compassion, guidance, and practical help. Your investment in our vision makes the impossible possible at Caring Network. With your help, we are able to come alongside women and families dealing with unexpected pregnancies with emotional, spiritual, and practical support. We offer tools such as pregnancy tests and ultrasound technology to allow women insight into their developing pregnancies. Our counselors receive training and gain skills in intervention to provide emotional and spiritual encouragement. We are also able to reach those at risk of an abortion through relationship marketing and our pregnancy helpline, accessible via online chat, email, call, or text. Each service and resource meets a need in the fight to save lives. Several women have chosen life for their babies after receiving the caring support that you help to make possible! Learn more about what it costs to save a life here.

At Caring Network, we believe in Matthew 19:26: “With God all things are possible.” With your generosity, you can us help make the impossible possible and support the sanctity of life. Through the valued support of our donors, Caring Network is able to continue empowering women to choose life. Help us to rescue families and save lives with your online donation today!