National Pro-Life Organizations

National Pro-Life Organizations You Should Be Familiar WithEach year, 56 million babies worldwide lose their lives through abortion, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). At Caring Network, we count it a privilege to share God’s message of life. We’re here to be a voice for the most vulnerable and voiceless among us — the unborn. We also have the honor to come alongside women and empower them when they, too, are vulnerable to making fear-based decisions that can profoundly impact the rest of their lives.

We are one piece of a greater puzzle. We’re all a part of the body that creates a whole working together towards a common goal. In addition to the local work of Caring Network, there are fabulous national pro-life organizations you should be familiar with. They are also co-laboring with us to end abortion and its adverse effects on women, families, and societies.

National Pro-life Organizations You Should Be Familiar With


National Right to Life

The National Right to Life (NRLC) was formed in 1968 and is the largest and oldest pro-life organization in the United States. The mission of NRLC is “to protect and defend the most fundamental right of humankind, the right to life of every innocent human being from the beginning of life to natural death.” They have over 3,000 local chapters, which can be found in all 50 states.

40 Days for Life

In 2007, four individuals came together and organized the first 40 Days for Life event. It was a 40-day campaign to end abortion consisting of prayer and fasting, community outreach, and a constant peaceful vigil. That first campaign caused the local abortion rate to drop by 28 percent. Because of the yearly 40 Days for Life events that have followed, 18,003 lives have been saved from abortion, 211 abortion workers have quit their jobs, and 107 abortion centers have closed.

Since its inception, 40 Days for Life has become an international movement that takes place each Spring in about 1,000 cities worldwide.

March for Life

The yearly-held March for Life is the largest annual human rights demonstration in the world. Each January, near the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, March for Life supporters peacefully gather and march in Washington D.C. Their purpose is to “celebrate life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death, and every moment in between.” People who can’t make the trip to Washington D.C. can participate in local state marches.

The Elliott Institute

The Elliott Institute was founded in 1988 by Dr. David Reardon, who conducts scientific, evidence-based research on abortion’s effects on women, men, families, and societies. They invest in research, education, and outreach. They are also dedicated to advocacy for women traumatized by abortion and how to provide healing support.

In addition, the Elliott Institute raises awareness about the injustices of coerced and forced abortions, referring to abortion as the “unchoice.”

Students for Life

How powerful it is when youth are standing for God. Students for Life exists to “recruit, train, and mobilize students and young adults to abolish abortion.”

Students for Life leads groups in colleges, high schools, middle schools, law schools, and med schools throughout the United States. They educate, equip, and transform campuses into environments where pregnant and parenting students are fully supported.

If you live in the Chicagoland area and would like to learn more about getting involved locally through prayer, partnership, and volunteering, contact Caring Network for more information about how you can partner with us and make a difference in saving lives.