Post-Abortion Program Testimonials of Lives Changed

Post-Abortion Program Testimonials of Lives ChangedEmotions such as grief, depression, anxiety, or regret may accompany the choice to have an abortion, whether it’s right away or several years down the road. And men and women dealing with negative effects after an abortion may not always know where to turn. The Restore post-abortion program provides opportunities to take steps towards healing in a Christ-centered, confidential environment. Through group or individual Bible study, men and women encounter compassion and hope for restoration in Christ.

Caring Network is a faith-based Chicagoland non-profit serving men and women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our Restore After Abortion program that has been impacting lives for decades. Through Restore’s free individual or group studies, those who are suffering after a past abortion can find hope and healing.  If you’d like to get involved in the Restore program or learn more about their services, contact Holly Zak at

Restore Testimonials of Lives Changed

We won’t leave it up to ourselves to convey the importance of Restore After Abortion’s work. Instead, we will share two stories of women who participated in the program this year. Hear how their lives were impacted and their hearts changed.


Chelsea didn’t want to have an abortion but felt she had to go through with it. Afterward, the feelings of guilt and regret were overwhelming. She couldn’t believe what she had done. The thoughts of her abortion consumed her and she knew she needed help. A friend told her about the Restore program and she immediately reached out. She joined a group where she went through a Bible study called Forgiven and Set Free. She finally felt like she wasn’t alone. In the group, she not only connected with the other women but also grew in her relationship with God. She began to understand the depths of God’s forgiveness and started healing from the pain of her past abortion. Chelsea shared, “This experience changed my life…Restore is a wonderful program for any woman who is struggling with the pain after having an abortion.” Praise God for healing hearts through Restore!


Cecelia completed the Restore program for women after suffering for many years from the effects of a prior abortion. In her 60s, she has struggled with guilt and the heavy burden of what she perceived to be an unforgivable sin. After finishing the Restore program, Cecilia shared: “I am so grateful to God for bringing me here. My group leader was with me, guided me, and stayed with me through it all … Jesus helped us both. And I’m so glad for her willingness and obedience to God that helped me back to Him through this process. I have accepted God’s forgiveness and I can live going forward without carrying this heavy burden anymore.” Cecilia found her leader’s “knowledge of Scripture, caring demeanor, an understanding heart, and patience” especially helpful in her journey to accepting God’s love.

Praise God for freedom from the burden of pain and suffering through Caring Network’s Restore Program!

Caring Network has been impacting lives since 1981.  With six pregnancy resource centers in the Chicagoland area, we provide compassionate services to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our post-abortion support program, Restore, offers a path towards healing for men and women suffering from the effects of a past abortion. Join with our important work today through prayer, volunteering, or partnership.