Practical Ways to Promote Life

What does it mean to promote life?  Those who have been active in the pro-life cause for years can testify to the vital importance of advocating for the unborn, our society’s most vulnerable and defenseless.  However, promoting life in all of its God-given forms, includes a much broader spectrum of advocacy.  Protecting those who carry the imago Dei, the image of God, means standing up for the disenfranchised, persecuted, and at risk.

At Caring Network, we understand the importance of promoting life—for the unborn, as well as mothers, fathers, and all those who are involved in a pregnancy decision.  By providing compassionate support and free services, we come alongside others in times of crisis, reflecting the love of Christ.  For almost 40 years, we have continued to uphold the same mission—to save lives, both here and for eternity.  Join us in promoting life by partnering in our on-going ministry!

4 Tips to Promote Life

Promoting life in all of its forms may sound like a great idea, but could seem overwhelming at first. How do you know where to start?  Here are a few helpful tips of practical ways to promote life:

  1. Promote life by asking the question “What is the most ‘life-giving’ response?” Do my actions improve the lives of others around me?

Promoting the cause of life does just that—increases the value or sustainability of lives.  And the work of benefiting the lives of others often starts with examining ourselves.  How can we use our own tools, resources, or gifts/talents to participate in promoting life?  Are there needs that are right in front of us that we can start addressing today?

  1. Promote lift by listening to and empathizing with others.

A second helpful tip for promoting life involves understanding the experiences of those whose lives you want to benefit.  If advocating for the unborn, it’s helpful to hear the stories of women and their partners who have gone through an unexpected pregnancy, learning about the unique obstacles and challenges they face.  If advocating for human rights for a particular population, or social justice issues – the action starts by taking time to listen to experiences, histories, and emotions surrounding the issues at hand.

  1. Promote lift by graciously engaging.

Now that you’ve prayerfully gathered information and empathized with people’s stories, you are excited to rally to the cause.  Next, you can promote life by graciously engaging with the issue.  It can be easy to become focused on the injustice at hand, but it’s important to let love lead the way.  The reason why you are promoting life is because you care, let that be your banner as you move forward into activity.

  1. Promote life by putting forth effort.

Now it’s time to put your money (or energy, or talents) where your mouth is!  You’ve grown in understanding, empathy, and love.  You are ready to make a difference.  Put your feet to the pavement and get out there.  Whether or not you have many resources available, no effort is too small.  Sign a petition, volunteer on the weekends, donate to a cause, spread the word.  And don’t let the passion wane.  Often, folks may rally around an issue for a certain amount of time before they lose energy.  Keep the conversation going and encourage others to join in your efforts.

If you’d like to promote the cause of life, Caring Network is a great place to start!  There are many ways to partner with us as we fulfill the mission of reaching more women facing unplanned pregnancy and ultimately impacting more lives.  Volunteer, pray, donate, host a baby shower, share our work on social media—there are many ways to get involved!  If you’d like to learn more about how you can participate in promoting life, reach out to us today!