Roles of Men in Unplanned Pregnancy: Do They Have a Voice?

Roles of Men in Unplanned Pregnancy: Do They Have a Voice?We all know that becoming pregnant requires two individuals – both a man and a woman. Yet, when it comes to a pregnancy decision,  our society often expects different roles from each. Men may be left wondering what their role is, especially if their partner is seeking an abortion. What role do men play and how can they be impacted by a pregnancy decision?

Caring Network is a pro-life non-profit organization in the Chicagoland area. We have been assisting women and men through unplanned pregnancies since 1981. We understand the role that men play in all aspects of a pregnancy decision. We’re here to provide support and care. To learn more about our organization or how to get involved, reach out to us today!

Making a Pregnancy Decision Together

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is hard, regardless of the circumstances. A woman may be overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and hopelessness. It can be difficult to determine to what extent she would like her partner to be involved in the decision. Perhaps they were not in a solid relationship. Or maybe he has been unsupportive in the past. She may be worried he’ll pressure her into a decision. There are many factors at play in deciding how or if to communicate the pregnancy news.

Meanwhile, the man may wonder how he can be involved. Our current culture may give men the impression that their best form of support is to not express a personal opinion. “I’ll support you no matter what you choose,” is what is seen to be most helpful. Yet, that expression doesn’t convey true support or care for either party. The man may feel like he doesn’t have a voice or the right to express what he wants. The woman may feel like he doesn’t really care enough to share his opinion. Overall, the pregnancy decision is healthiest when it’s made together.

Men’s Roles in Pregnancy Decisions

What would happen if society suddenly placed all the rights to make a pregnancy decision on men? They could decide the outcome and the women involved would have no say. This would cause a tremendous outcry (and rightly so). Women would have no rights to their children, much less to decisions regarding their health or wellbeing. However, as it stands today, a woman can have an abortion without sharing the news with her partner at all.

This does not come without consequence. Men may later find out about the abortion and experience regret. Women may feel isolated and alone, as they hold onto their secret. Relationships can be irreparably damaged by the choices that were made.

Impact of Pregnancy Decisions on Men

An abortion always affects more than one person because it involves the mother, the father, and the child.  And yet when men try to weigh in on an issue that also impacts them,  they may be treated like it is not their decision or their business. However, it is s normal for both men and women to bond with their children before they are born, and his role is important too.  A phrase like “my body, my choice,” does not undo the fact that men can lose their babies to abortion without their knowledge or consent.  If men can be impacted by abortion, then they deserve the right to share their personal views.

Empowering men and women means equipping them to form healthy relationships by making decisions they are proud of years later. When a decision involves both of them, that means making it together would be best.  In the end, couples are capable of finding positive outcomes to the most daunting of circumstances if they have someone there to encourage and support them.

Caring Network exists to do just that – to provide practical services and emotional support for those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Our Chicagoland pregnancy centers are here to serve both men and women, helping them overcome the barriers they face. We understand the pain abortion causes for both men and women. Equipping men and women with the resources needed to choose life is our priority. Learn more about us today!