Saving Lives

Saving Lives with Emotional Support, Spiritual Counsel, Practical Help

Women facing an unplanned pregnancy come to Caring Network DuPage feeling alone and overwhelmed. Our counselors reach out with love, non-judgmental counsel, and practical resources that offer truth and empower women to choose life. When a woman visits Caring Network Pregnancy Services of DuPage, we pray that we will be able to save two lives: one physical and one eternal.


Caring Network counselors understand the obstacles women face: pressure from family or friends to choose abortion, financial and medical concerns, relationship challenges, fear of the unknown, guilt and shame, all surrounded by a culture that does not respect God’s gift of life. Our counselors are steeped in God’s truth and skilled at discerning the unique needs of each client. Caring Network counselors empower women to choose life.

Caring Network’s mission is to provide not only emotional support, but also spiritual guidance. Our counselors engage in spiritual discussions with women, pointing those in difficult circumstances toward meaningful and lasting hope.


Many women come to us before they even know if they are pregnant. Caring Network provides lab-quality, high-sensitivity pregnancy tests. A woman learns the outcome of her test during her appointment, and discusses pregnancy options with her counselor in a calm, supportive environment.

Recognizing the potential to save lives, Caring Network also offers ultrasound services at every care center. Ultrasound is a powerful tool that reveals truth. Even women committed to abortion are moved by the sight of their unborn child’s heartbeat and activity in the womb, so that they can make a truly informed choice.


Many women feel compelled to consider abortion because they lack support. Caring Network’s Connections program was developed to encourage local churches to form relationships with women who may have little or no support during their pregnancies. The church forms a network of support around a woman and her baby, so that her quality of life will be enhanced and her spiritual life may be further developed. Connections groups host baby showers, sometimes provide other practical support, and commit to praying for the mothers they serve.  Learn more about getting your church involved with Caring Network.

Because practical assistance empowers families, Caring Network also equips three area baby banks to help meet the critical need for baby supplies, such as maternity clothing, baby blankets, formula, diapers and wipes.


Caring Network’s mission is to provide practical help to families experiencing unplanned pregnancy, not only empowering them to choose life, but also improving the quality of their lives and providing enduring hope. Caring Network partners with other local ministries if women need assistance with adoption plans, medical needs, housing, finances, insurance, and more. To meet ongoing needs and have a lasting impact, Caring Network counselors keep in contact with clients long after their initial visits.  Contact us today to learn more.

At Caring Network, we follow John 10:10: “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”  Caring Network is truly a pro-life ministry, caring for the needs of women as well as for their unborn children.  Learn how you can help.

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