How Does Social Fundraising Work?

“Social Fundraising” has become a big part of our annual Walk event at Caring Network. But if you don’t use social media like Facebook or Instagram, creating an online fundraising page is still a great way to support Caring Network and let others know why protecting Life is important to you.

It’s So Easy!

When you reach the online fundraising portal, just log in.  If you have logged in before, your information has been stored.  You can also click the link to recover your password if you don’t remember it.  If you have never logged in, click on “Create an Account” to get started.  Only an email and password are required.  Once you are logged in, your fundraising page is created automatically.  That’s it!

It Can Be Personalized—If You Want

It’s up to you. Your fundraising page is ready to go.  But if you’d like to add a picture and a personal statement, you can do that.  Maybe protecting life is important to you because of a personal experience, or because of someone dear to you.  To add a statement, scroll down, type and save.  Other ways to personalize include adding a fundraising goal (goals motivate people!) or creating a name for your page like “Jones Family Walk Page”.

Now What?

If you have a social media account like Facebook, click the link to share. If you don’t, click “View My Fundraising Page” at the top.  Now you can copy the web address bar and paste it into the body of an email.  A quick personal message lets your family and friends know what you are doing.  Here’s a great way to start:

Dear Friends,

Our family is walking for Caring Network because we believe in protecting God’s precious gift of Life. Click the link below to donate to our family page, or sign up to join us!

Without knocking on a single door, you can let others know that you are participating, and how they can support you. Grandparents, cousins, and friends who live across the country can show their support by donating directly online, from your own page.

We Call This “Walking Without Your Shoes”

We want as many families as possible to join us on Father’s Day weekend, at one of our four area Walk sites.  But if you can’t be there, social fundraising allows you to participate just the same.  The Walk for Caring Network raises funds for our four help centers, and also raises awareness of Caring Network’s services.  Learn more about the free services Caring Network provides.

We hope you will Walk for Caring Network this year, with or without your shoes!