Spring Brings New Life, New Perspectives and Hope

The sun is shining brightly, tree buds are bursting, crocuses and daffodils are blooming and birds are singing everywhere. Spring is springing to life! After the dreariness of winter, and weeks and weeks of being stuck inside the sure signs of new life are reasons to celebrate! Thanks be to God for His gift of new life in all of its forms during this season of Spring.

Caring Network is a Chicago area pro-life, non-profit whose mission is to reach women facing unplanned pregnancies with a life-saving message of hope. For nearly 40 years, we have been offering compassionate care, loving support and vital services to help both a mother and her child through and beyond pregnancy. Learn more about Caring Network’s efforts and ministry today.

Welcoming Change and Doing More

The first signs of spring signal the approaching end to winter and we happily move our heavy sweaters and snow boots to the back of the closet. We relish the idea of coat-less days and lighter clothing. But welcoming warmer weather also means we may need to come out of hibernation. Our lazy days of lounging are replaced by outdoor chores and activities. What does this mean for our daily schedule?

We may find ourselves increasing our physical activities like jogging, biking, or walking the dog. And attending to the needs of the house and yard after a long winter, may fill our extra time. We may clear the leaves from our gardens and gutters, wash the windows, clean off the patio furniture and get the lawn mower serviced. The days are longer so we have extra time to do more – but it requires effort and energy to make these changes to our schedules, to do these chores and meet the needs of Spring.

Adapting to the Change of Season

The efforts requiring adapting plans and incorporating new activities with the coming of Spring are needed in the same way as Caring Network must continue to serve women facing unplanned pregnancies amidst the challenges of COVID-19. Serious safety concerns for our pregnancy consultants, medical staff and our clients have required us to restructure our systems enabling remote handling of helpline calls, preliminary pregnancy screenings, and consultations. We’ve purchased and received donations of supplementary personal protective equipment including N95 masks and medical grade disinfecting wipes and maintain high sanitation practices, ensuring the safety of all.

Additionally, during this time, like many in our country, the women we serve face growing financial insecurities driven by layoffs and job losses. Families worry about meeting basic needs. Planning for a new baby in this environment, presents additional concerns for these moms. All of these uncertainties have fueled the fear of women facing unplanned pregnancies. We at Caring Network are now working to develop and establish methods to assist these women by providing material goods support in ways we never have before. We’re partnering with churches who are creating new volunteer-led programs out of the goodness of their hearts. These congregants who are no longer able to meet together as a community, have created new ways to serve. If you are interested in providing material goods, encouraging your church to host a diaper drive or in volunteering with us in this effort, contact Tracy@caringnetwork.com.

New Ways Shed Light and Generate New Life

Facing new challenges requires all individuals and organizations to alter daily procedures. We all have had to adapt to this new life with COVID-19. at least for the foreseeable future. It requires everyone to learn patience, flexibility and tolerance. Many of us have made adjustments to balancing our work and home lives, while shifting to remote positions. But like the changes that come with springtime, stepping outside of our comfort zone brings vitality and can provide a refreshing, new perspective and even new opportunities for growth.

The Lord is sending us blessings in the midst of struggles, while building our trust in Him to provide for us. We need only lean on him, follow his lead, be open to change and work together with open hearts and minds. Hope springs eternal.

At Caring Network we trust in God’s provision, in season and out of season. He has faithfully grown our ministry over the past 38 years, allowing us to serve and save more lives. If you’d like to learn more about how to get involved or contribute towards our mission, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, contact us today!