When Giving Is More Than Just a Season

’Tis the season for the warm fuzzy glow of generosity! For many, the season comes, they give a little extra, and then it passes. But for those in a tougher season of life, it takes more than just financial help. To women and families in crisis, the gifts of hope and compassion are vital. For them, it’s a matter of life and death with an unplanned pregnancy. Let this giving season inspire a greater gift by joining the pro-life movement and saving precious lives! What can you do to get involved?

Caring Network invites you to share your giving power and join us in making an impactful difference in the fight for life. Our volunteers help us to provide practical help and spiritual support in the lives of women and families struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. Learn how God is calling you to give and find out how you can get involved in the pro-life movement today!

The desire to lend a helping hand often comes from a deeper source than ourselves. The pull is a calling that comes from above—and answering God’s call is more than just a season of giving. Sharing our unique gifts can be transformative not only in the lives we touch, but also our own. What do you have to give in the pro-life movement to save lives? The answer is simple—yourself. Learn the possibilities of your gifts and the difference they could make in rescuing precious lives from abortion.

The Power of Giving Hope

A common reason women consider abortion can stem from a feeling of hopelessness. They may lack practical, personal, and even spiritual support, with their hope lost in difficult circumstances. Abortion can seem like their only option if they don’t fully understand that they have others. Many women who come into Caring Network’s pregnancy resource centers are surprised to learn about the support right within their local communities, and this information can make all the difference in providing hope and choosing life for their child.

Giving Your Gifts to Save Lives 

Giving a little can mean a lot when it comes to saving lives. It’s the little things that add up to bigger changes in the pro-life fight: a little volunteering and sharing your time; a little outreach and raising awareness; or a little but mighty prayer. There are many ways you can become a valuable part of the pro-life movement and give women and families hope—all while feeding your giving spirit.

Pray Powerfully.

Prayer can move mountains of struggles and obstacles for women and families experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Become a Prayer Partner and commit to faithfully praying for a woman at risk of choosing abortion. Connect with us and learn how transformative your passionate prayers can be in giving hope to those that have lost it.

Make Impactful Connections.

Make a connection that breaks the bonds of hardship for a pregnant woman in need. With the Connections Mentoring Program, a network of support is knitted within your church or ministry group around a woman and her baby to enhance not only her quality of life, but her spiritual life. A Connections group rallies around a woman during her pregnancy spiritually with prayer and practically with a baby shower. Building a valuable connection rooted in faith can be the encouragement a woman needs to choose life. Find out more by contacting Nicole!

Become the Hand of Christ.

Connect the calling in your heart with your hands and gather donations for Caring Network baby banks or Bridges Parenting Program. Help provide practical support to women and families in need by donating supplies such as diapers, wipes, formula, baby lotion and shampoo, baby clothes, books, and more. Empower women to choose life by giving them the support they lack and hope they need. Visit our Church Corner for giving needs and guidelines!

At Caring Network, we come alongside women and families in need of the courage and strength to choose life. Join us in giving the power of support to pregnant women at risk of choosing abortion. When hope is lost, be the light to help find it and learn more about getting involved in the pro-life movement. Together we are stronger in building God’s kingdom!