Numbers Don’t Lie

Caring Network continues to grow.  Building on an effective internet marketing strategy that reaches women in the midst of making a decision on their pregnancy, the numbers of women who think that abortion must be their choice who come to Caring Network for help has dramatically increased.  In the first 7 months of 2016, Caring Network served more women considering abortion than in any year ever before. These women come to Caring Network intent on abortion, many facing very difficult circumstances.  But with love, compassion and the miracle of ultrasound, babies are being saved. 

Tanya came to Caring Network thinking she was about 11 weeks pregnant.  The mother of a daughter already, she was hoping to get back to work now that her daughter was getting older.  Abortion seemed like the best solution.  But her ultrasound revealed a beautiful image of a 14 ½ week old baby.  When asked by her Caring Network counselor how the ultrasound affected her decision to abort, Tanya responded, “I think I just fell in love.”  Tanya changed her mind and chose life for her child.   “I was thinking I didn’t have support and it made it easier to consider abortion.  I am so glad I came here.” 

Caring Network is on the frontlines of the fight for life, reaching women right where they are.  Making a difference and saving lives.  Thanks for your support!