Women who come to Caring Network facing an unplanned pregnancy are often alone and overwhelmed by their circumstances. Many have little or no support and therefore consider abortion even when grieved by making that choice.

When counseling women in crisis, Caring Network reaches out with love, non-judgmental counsel, and practical resources that offer truth and empower women to choose life. All Caring Network counseling and medical services are free and confidential, including pregnancy tests, consultations, ultrasounds, material goods, community resource referrals, and parenting assistance.

Pregnancy Consultants with Caring Network Illinois

Caring Network pregnancy consultants understand the obstacles women face in an unplanned pregnancy. These could be pressures from family or friends to choose abortion, financial and medical concerns, relationship challenges, fear of the unknown, guilt and shame, and being surrounded by a culture that does not respect God’s gift of life.

Our pregnancy consultants are steeped in God’s truth, motivated by compassion, and skilled at discerning the unique needs of each client. Caring Network empowers women to choose life and points them toward meaningful hope.

On average, Caring Network provides approximately 1,000 free pregnancy tests annually. When a woman first learns she is pregnant, Caring Network consultants are prepared. However, many pregnancy tests come back as negative, providing a unique opportunity to discuss abstinence. 

Another important part of Caring Network’s mission is working to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Caring Network believes in God’s plan for His people, to save an intimate relationship and children for marriage. Each year, Caring Network successfully shares the message of abstinence with many women and couples.

Counseling Women in Crisis with Medical Services

Caring Network is oftentimes the first step for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Many women come to us before they even know if they are pregnant. Caring Network provides lab-quality, high-sensitivity pregnancy tests which are over 99.5% accurate just ten days after conception. As a result, a woman learns the outcome of her test during her appointment and discusses pregnancy options with her consultant in a calm, supportive environment.

Recognizing the potential to save lives, Caring Network began ultrasound services in 2002. An ultrasound not only reveals to a mother her unborn baby, but also provides critical information to a woman searching for answers. An ultrasound confirms the viability of the pregnancy and the possibility of miscarriage.

For a woman seeking abortion, this information is crucial. Because Caring Network provides ultrasounds free of charge, it makes sense for women to visit Caring Network before making a final pregnancy decision. Ultrasounds are a powerful tool that reveals truth. Even women committed to abortion are moved by the sight of their unborn child’s heartbeat and activity in the womb.

Caring Network’s medical staff spend time providing mothers with as much information as possible on the development of their babies, so that they can make a truly informed choice.

Pregnancy Care and Support for Women in Crisis

Many women feel compelled to consider abortion because they lack support. Caring Network’s Connections program was developed to encourage local churches to form relationships with women who may have little or no support during their pregnancies.

The program’s purpose is to form a network around a woman and her baby so that her quality of life will be enhanced, and her spiritual life may be further developed. Connections groups provide a baby shower and commit to praying for the moms they serve. They may provide other practical help, and even invite their moms to participate in group activities. If interested, you can easily contact a Caring Network Connections representative.

Material Supplies and Parenting Assistance

Because practical assistance empowers families, Caring Network equips four local “baby banks” to help meet the critical need for baby supplies.

One of these programs, “Bridges,” offers further parenting support & spiritual development. Bridges is a free program designed for families seeking help during pregnancy and the early parenting years.

Operated by Oak Brook Community Church, Bridges offers both English and Spanish-speaking classes so that clients can learn as they earn the supplies they need. Additional baby banks are operated by Christian Fellowship Church in Itasca, Naperville Presbyterian Church, and Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton. Most families who partake in these services are Caring Network referrals.

Practical Support Through Local Baby Banks

Practical support saves lives! If you would like to help Caring Network keep our baby banks supplied, you can collect items for moms in need.

Our baby banks are located at the churches below. Contact the church for drop-off information.

  • Oak Brook Community Church “Bridges” – 630-986-0310
  • Naperville Presbyterian Church – 630-362-9261
  • Christian Fellowship Church, Wood Dale – 630-766-8009
  • Church of the Resurrection, Wheaton – 630-653-3888

If you have specific questions about a donation, contact a program representative.

Baby Item Needs:

  • Diapers (especially sizes 4-6)
  • Wipes
  • Enfamil baby formula
  • Gift Cards for gas, groceries, Walmart or Target
  • New baby items
  • Jar food
  • Baby toiletries

Baby Banks Cannot Accept:

  • Clothing in poor condition
  • Cribs
  • Used car seats
  • Used breast pumps

We are so thankful for your generosity!

Community Resources and Ongoing Support with Caring Network Illinois

Caring Network’s mission is to provide practical help to families experiencing unplanned pregnancy, not only empowering them to choose life, but also improving the quality of their lives and providing enduring hope.

To meet ongoing needs and have a lasting impact, Caring Network pregnancy consultants keep in contact with moms long after their initial visits. Caring Network also partners with other local ministries and maintains a database of hundreds of community resources. 

About 10% of Caring Network’s funds are spent on follow-up and post-delivery care. For assistance with adoption plans, medical needs, housing, finances, insurance, and more, our consultants are able to walk the distance with families and connect them to the help they need.