Restore – Redeeming Lives for Christ!

Grief, anger and self hatred are common emotions felt by women who have experienced abortion.  Caring Network’s Restore program offers healing and forgiveness by encouraging a continuing relationship with Christ.  Many women with no prior religious background begin to find out about God’s love and forgiveness.  Many wish to continue to develop their faith after their time with Restore is over.

This young woman acknowledged that her faith had grown during her time with Restore and she wanted to continue to work on developing her faith in God.

“Before Restore, I was in a very dark place emotionally and spiritually.  I knew I could not continue my life in this much pain.  Restore has brought me out of the darkness I was feeling and I thought would never end.  Although at times it made me feel more sad, I am grateful for the healing it has brought to my life.  I now know that God has forgiven me and the best thing I have realized is my baby is in heaven with God. “

If you or someone you know would like to talk about their abortion experience, please visit for more information and help.