Science Corrupted!

There is no scientific question that life begins at conception and that excluding abortion and miscarriage; conception usually results in a live birth.  How our society views abortion, either as the death of human being or “reproductive freedom” has made a critical difference in public health science and where lawmakers and agencies spend public money.

As a cause of death, induced abortion is extremely consequential both in its entirety and its affect on racial groups.   If one takes into account the number of abortions that occur annually in our country, induced abortion becomes the leading cause of death for our entire society, representing 32.1 percent of all deaths.  By contrast-heart disease is only 16.7 % and cancer only 15.8%.  Looking at racial demographics further-16.4 % of all deaths for whites; 61 % for blacks and 64 % for Hispanics.  But the reality is that induced abortions are not reported as a cause of death in U.S. vital statistics.  According to some public health officials, this discrepancy leads to sloppy reporting of abortion statistics as well as limiting funding for serious abortion researchers.  Can you imagine if our culture treated abortion as they do heart disease and cancer as a health issue that needs to be addressed, funding would follow the vital work of pregnancy centers rather than abortion providers.  Resources would help eliminate the reasons that cause women to choose abortions in all our communities.   What a difference!

But thank God that Caring Network can provide these services to women free of charge.  Without the support of people who know that life begins at conception, and abortion is the death of a human being, Caring Network would not be here.  Thank you for all you do for the women and their babies.