Sex Selection Abortion in NYC?

We all know that sex selection abortion is practiced in countries that prefer males over females such as China or India, but now it appears that this practice has surfaced in our country among Asian-American parts of the population.  A survey of Chinese women between the ages of 23 and 50 in Manhattan’s Chinatown and Flushing found that many women seek abortion in desperation to fulfill their family’s expectations and often against the choice of the mother.  One woman stated that when the doctor confirmed the gender of her child, he stated, “It’s a girl.  You want to get rid of it?  It’ll take just three minutes”.   According to interviews with dozens of physicians, community leaders and Asian immigrants in NYC, pregnant women of Chinese and India descent often go to abortion clinics for early stage fetal gender tests.  If the fetus is found to be female, some times abortions take place.  This practice shows the need to pass bans on sex-selection abortions.  Only seven states have passed such legislation and one is pending in New York.  Sex selection abortion is another example of how women are coerced into abortion.  In this case it is through a culture that dictates that male children are needed for the perpetuation of the family.  In other cases it could be through a husband, boyfriend, or parent that demands an abortion to continue a relationship or support.  All of these practices demean women.  Caring Network exists to equip pregnant women to have choices . . . . Decisions that they can live with.