Olivia came to Caring Network feeling overwhelmed. She was stunned by her positive pregnancy test result at home. She had previous abortions and was afraid she’d never get pregnant again. Her boyfriend was initially supportive and they planned to continue the pregnancy. A few days later, he changed his mind and told her she needed to have an abortion. Their relationship had been rocky and Olivia was uncertain about their future, so she followed his advice. By the time she arrived at Caring Network, she was set on having an abortion. During her appointment, she shared her Christian faith, saying she hadn’t prayed about this pregnancy because she knew God would not want her to have an abortion. She had an ultrasound and found out she was already into her second trimester. Crying and stunned by seeing her beautiful baby, she told her pregnancy counselor, “I know in my heart I won’t be able to have an abortion now.” Her counselor was able to provide information and resources, as well as spiritual encouragement for Olivia to move forward in her decision to become a parent. After her session, she shared the ultrasound pictures with her boyfriend. Olivia said, “He completely melted,” telling her counselor they are in a much better place than when they first searched for our services.  Olivia’s mother even offered to help her take care of the baby. Praise God for prayers answered and lives saved!