The Beginnings of Restore

In the mid 1980s, Dr. Jack Wilkie, then head of National Right to Life met with a young woman named Mary Jo Mann.  Mary Jo was in the process of forming an organization named WEBA (Woman Exploited by Abortion).  Before this time, little was known about post abortion syndrome.  It was thought that women would welcome abortion as an easy solution to the difficult problem of an unplanned pregnancy.  But women who had aborted began to experience symptoms of unresolved grief; nightmares, uncontrollable weeping, substance abuse.  It became apparent that there were two victims of abortion; an unborn baby and its mother.  Through the years more victims arose; grandparents, fathers, friends, and siblings.  In response Caring Network began its Restore program to help women and men heal following an abortion experience.  Throughout the years, hundreds of women and men have found healing through a Bible study that focuses on the nature of God and forgiveness.  And, many have come to faith by encountering Jesus the Healer.