The Face of the Pro-Life Movement

Reagan Barklage is the Midwest Regional Coordinator of Students for Life of America.  As a student at the University of Missouri, she started the Mizzou Students for Life group and recently posted a pro-life editorial in an unexpected news source, Glamour Magazine.  In her editorial she characterizes the response of our culture to unplanned pregnancy as less than supportive.   

 “Society tells young women, especially students: You can’t cope with a pregnancy. You can’t go to school and be a mom. You’ll end up broke and have no friends; you might as well drop out now.  Hardly an empowering message. And the most common thing I hear from young women is, “My boyfriend said he will break up with me if I keep it.” What kind of choice is that?”  I do my job to show women, especially those who feel pressured and broken, that they are strong, and that they do have a choice—a real choice, because there is support.”

So Reagan decided to organize her group to help women on campus face an unplanned pregnancy.  She created special kits full of resources for pregnant women, handed out free pregnancy tests, hosted baby showers, diaper drives, baby sat during finals and gave out scholarships for student moms.  Reagan recognizes the importance of pregnancy centers.

“Many women I have talked to who have had abortions weren’t aware of their other options. They didn’t know there was a place down the street that would offer free or low-cost services during and even after their pregnancy. The most compelling words that I can tell a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy is, “You can do this. You are a strong woman and we are going to help you.”

Reagan is the face of the pro-life movement . . .  Helping pregnant women one on one, empowering them to make choices for life.  That is what we do everyday in Caring Network’s counseling rooms and everyday lives are changed and saved. Thanks for helping us do that.