This is Funny?

In view of the recent Supreme Court ruling declaring parts of a Texas abortion law unconstitutional, some comedians twittered the support for the decision.  The Daily Show twittered:  “Celebrate the #SCOTUS ruling!  Go knock someone up in Texas!”  The negative response from their audience caused them to tweet a clarification “Friends, we’re certainly not promoting abortions.  Just excited about #SCOTUS reaffirming right to choose.  Tina Nguyen posted a tweet she had received.

“Dear Tina,

Hope you are well.  NARAL Pro Choice America will debut a new video, Comedians In Cars Getting Abortions (a parody on Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee) on Wednesday, June 29th.  The irreverent and lighthearted . . . . .”

Tina responded, “Listen, I’m all for videos advocating for political causes, but this is . . . . um.”

A woman coming to Caring Network facing an abortion decision knows that abortion is no laughing matter.  Her decision will dramatically change her life.  If she chooses to carry the pregnancy, she will most likely become a single mom.  If she chooses abortion, she may have to deal with the guilt and grief that accompany the loss of a child.  Caring Network has been working on the front lines of the fight to save women and children from abortion for 35 years.  Thousands of babies have been saved; celebrated birthdays, grown up and some of these babies are now even having their own children.   Everyday at Caring Network when a baby is saved, the future is dramatically altered.  What a blessing to be part of these futures filled with hope and blessing.